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Mobile UX Design


No mobile strategy? Not there yet; not even close? Not a problem! Take a day to come and learn how to cook your first mobile delights.
2.5 billion people have a smartphone. It’s now their main computer. You are probably familiar with Mobile First or Mobile Only recipes. But are you feeling trapped following theses recipes that do not work for your project? Understanding the way we interact with this most intimate device will be the key to a successful online enterprise for decades to come.
During this full day, you will strengthen your design skills and practice new technics, in short master all the ingredient of “UX cooking.”Any project is unique, and you need to be autonomous. We spend a lot of time trying to maintain the quality of the User Experience. But alas, things are moving fast, and the environment is complex and getting more complex by the day. Like a good chef, you need to know all your basic ingredients and cooking technics.
Join me and become the next UX chef!
In this highly immersive 1-day workshop, you'll not only learn directly from Johan Adda, but network and learn from other attendees at the workshop.

Through this course you will learn about:


  • How to use emotions in your design process to generate memories and make sticky experiences? 
  • Why using prototypes at every stage of the design process makes it better and inspires your team?
  • How to optimize your design process using best practises based on “real life” problems?
  • Mobile storytelling - what is it & how to use it?
  • How to draw a context of Use, inspired by latest research in Psychology?
  • How to design for your users and make them fall in love with your product?
  • Why native apps versus progressive web apps are a business decision?
  • How the brain reacts (from kids to seniors)?
  • What is the difference between intimate, personal, social and public circles?

To whom

For Product Owner, Product Managers, Developers, Researchers, UX Designers, or any other person who wants to improve their Mobile UX skills. From beginner to seasoned practitioners:

  • to hone your UX skills while learning advanced UX concepts and current trends in mobile UX
  • to develop strategic UX skills, including the business value of your work 
  • to develop your collaboration and communication skills with cross-functional colleagues.
  • to hone your strategic UX skills, aligning your work or your team's work to the strategic interests of your organization


Workshop technics and tools

Using the “Pomodoro technique,” each session is a multiple of 25 minutes with a mix of lecture, games, interactions and hands-on.
We will provide papers and pens. You will use heavily your smartphone, don't forget its charger! We will use also some free Apps for prototyping.
A page will be open to discussions and preliminary questions to help you enjoy the most of this day. 
Johan will be happy to answer any of your questions because sharing is all about our job. We learn from each other.

Workshop details

1-day program:

About the Instructor

Johan Adda is an award-winning user experience architect with over a decade spent on mobile. He has delivered industry-defining desktop and mobile platform strategies and products while building world-class products for Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, Johan was the UX Architect for an App that was just featured worldwide in the Apple App Store. Previous to that, he was lead UX and Senior Creative Designer for Apple iAd, Apple Pay, Marcom. He also worked for Orange France on a 20M daily user’s portal on both laptop and mobile. Johan is a recognised expert, innovator and contributor in product experience, encompassing user interface design, gesture interaction and UI implementation strategies for both desktop and mobile. A former Apple keynote speaker, Johan has spoken internationally about UX design at industry conferences, the most recent one being the Davos Forum.


Check out the amazing speech Johan gave during WCF Davos in Łodź last year.