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CEO’s Power Speech Toolbox, Smart Communication Masterclass


Big Idea

Are you wondering how to communicate your bold vision to the world and motivate others to make it a reality? How do you make others follow the path you set? How do you pose a challenge, so that others make it their goal?
Thanks to this training you will fire up the crowds, while public speaking will never again seem daunting, even when you're left with just a week or even a day to prepare.
Is your speech in English or in Polish? Just choose the right training for you.

Know-how and skills

During the training you will learn how to:
1. Prepare and conduct presentations, in a way which focuses attention, as well as enhances understanding and recall.
2. Give essential motivational speeches.
3. Use storytelling to get your message through to others.
4. Create your own unique speaking style and enhance your personal brand.
5. Exert influence and control narration, using the best techniques based on cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and social dynamics.

Working method

The training session is conducted as a workshop. For 8 hours, the participants will take part in exercises, which will allow them to try out their new skills in practice. We work in a small training group, which gives opportunity for feedback according to action learning principles. Each participant will have the opportunity to work with the trainer one-on-one.


We work on worksheets prepared in advance. This is a BYOD training session (bring your own device). It will be possible to work on Microsoft Surface PRO 4.

To whom

The CEO’s Power Speech Toolbox training, which is a part of the Smart Communication Masterclass, is a unique package of communication skills, which help business leaders to influence others and to get them involved in the leader's goals and vision.

Workshop details

1-day program:

About the Instructor

Piotr Bucki – for 16 years, he has been helping others hone their communication in different walks of life. He uses cognitive psychology, neuroscience and psycholinguistics. He tests his theories in practice working with companies from Chile, Slovenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Austria, Australia and Poland. Co-author and substantive editor of Startup Manual (Wolves Summit 2015), author and manager of the BuckiAcademy series published with 4 Głowy (2016). Collaborator of InnPoland and the website. He has written for Maleman, Dolce Vita, Madame, Marketing w Praktyce and many more. He translated 12 books about psychology and guidance. He cooperated with the best startup incubators in Poland, such as LPNT, Inkubator Starter, GPNT i PPNT, as well as the biggest government program in the world, Startup Chile, and incubators in Slovenia and Austria. He made speeches during such events as Wolves Summit, Davos Communication Forum, PODIM Słowenia, Internet Beta, Social Media Convent, Inspiration Day in Szczecin, PMI Congress in Antwerp, as well as many other conferences around the world.