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We deliver ideas through web app development.

Everything you need to succeed

We are a team of experienced engineers, passionate about new technologies. Together with our designers we create corporate websites and applications, we refine e-commerce websites and enhance corporate processes using workflow systems.

Who do we work for?

We take on projects that require daily maintenance and great care. We develop corporate websites, mobile apps, management systems.

Our clients include big service providers, manufacturers, internet companies and start-ups.


What do we offer?

Web Applications

To answer our clients’ needs we create scalable, stable software of varying degrees of complexity. We consider not just the task at hand but future possibilities of development.

Dedicated Systems

Clients need precise, custom-built software. We are not scared of innovative solutions and our philosophy is Sky is the limit. Count on us to not only follow the client’s specification but to advise and propose best possible solutions.


We love to join different systems into one whole to maximise the synergy of all infrastructure elements: payment systems, online banking, massmailing tools, project management systems, CRM, ERP and anything that has an API.

Stability and Scalability

Our dedicated projects are based on the Zend Framework 3, which guarantees stability, scalability and the highest level of security for our applications. We pay a lot of attention to the code, documentation and automated tests.

Interface Design

In interface design we cooperate closely with our Design department. We have one golden rule – the programmer never decides on the design of the interface. Each element of the application is presented and tested on a control group.

Mobile Apps

We understand the trends and end-user needs. We make use of all the possibilities mobile devices offer. We pay a lot of attention to compatibility, which allows our apps to work for a long time without the need for updates.

Native Applications

We don’t look for shortcuts and we don’t cut corners. All our apps are built from scratch in the native environment of mobile devices, which helps us unleash their full potential.

Apps and Games

We create apps for all needs and purposes – from basic promotional apps to games and web applications, as well as dedicated enterprise apps. Often, we are the ones who create the concept of an app to reach the desired goal.

Application Servers

We not only design and implement mobile apps, but also set up the entire server infrastructure required for efficient performance. Each web app developed by us is ready to handle thousands of users without any drop in performance or stability.

Interface Design

We employ talented designers and usability specialists. We keep the delicate balance between a good-looking UI and a great UX. We were designing mobile apps as early as 2010.

Project Management

We believe in process transparency, good planning, communication and management methods which let us deliver solutions in the required timeframe. We manage that thanks to proper team management, quick reaction to changes in the project and constant communication with the client.

Agile Development

We use the Agile methodology which helps us to plan and react when it comes to designing software. Depending on the project we use either Scrum or Kanban.


We try to fully engage the client in the software development process. We use Basecamp to communicate and JIRA to report progress on the individual elements of the system.

IT Outsourcing

In certain cases we become the client’s IT team or inject their team with our talents. We are able to delegate programmers to work exclusively on the client’s projects.

Support & Helpdesk

We provide a helpdesk which cares for the satisfaction of both our clients and their users. Thanks to advanced toolsets such as Zendesk we are able to provide services in the SLA model and guarantee the highest level of customer service in Polish, English, Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian.


Our clients’ websites and applications are being constantly monitored, backed up, versioned and secured.


We decided to move away from physical servers. All of our clients’ solutions are hosted on the Amazon AWS infrastructure which gives us unlimited scalability, as well as a guarantee of security and software stability.

Security Audit

Our certified software security engineers can help you perform security audits on all levels of complexity, from penetration tests of the operating system and ICT infrastructure to the analysis of the application and potential logical gaps in the software’s performance.

Code Versioning

Every line of code, every file in the project is connected to the Git version control system, and the repositories are located in the Bitbucket secure cloud service. At any moment we can revert back to a previous version of the software, for example in case of loss of stability in the new version or after file changes made by the client.


Every website under our care is backed up every day on the Amazon AWS Glacier infrastructure. This medium guarantees 99.999999999% data durability, which allows us to manage even the most sensitive systems, where data integrity is the client’s key priority.