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#Human Behind Every Number

Clinical trials are all about patients.
Innovation in medicine and progress
in health care can only happed with their involvment.

Service Design

In-depth interviews
with patients and experts

Co-design with patients


Content design and video production

UI/UX design

Visual Identity

Video online platform

About project

This is a vision of clinical trials of the future.

We have applied service design methodology, viewing the clinical trial as a service and the patient as a client. The methodology allowed us to fully map the patient’s journey during the clinical trial, and to understand the emotions associated with each stage.

#HumanBehindEveryNumber is for clinical study stakeholders: pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, as well as patients, who are the main agents in the process of bringing new medical treatments to the market.


To verify thesis do clinical
trial is a problem-solver in a patient’s therapy?

Do we really understand what patient centricity means?

Does clinical trial be a service?


  • Understanding how to improve clinical trial process as a service

  • Understanding how to increase patient-recruitment rate and decrease the drop-out rate

  • Educational video platform

Trial’s future
is in
the present

Our research includes

  • 5 countries
  • 25 contributors
  • 50 stories on the platform
  • 3 workshops with clinical
    trials participants
  • 6 therapeutic areas

Interviews with experts from

Patient's journey

Patient's emotions
on every stage of the service


Process improvement -
when motivations
and needs meets solutions

What means
in practice

  • Faster launch of the next phase of the trial
  • Faster launch of the sponsor’s product
  • Positive patient capital gathered by investigators

What’s next?

Gathering and understanding patient’s experiences will help the whole industry to better design clinical trials in a long term. The project helps to identify what stages of clinical trial are more demanding for patients, what affects patient’s decision on participating or continuing the study, what can be improved or approached differently.

The results from all the information collected would translate into better trial design, time efficiency and successful new treatment market entry.

  • MVP TESTSon the market
  • 3MVPs to be build
  • 3areas to improve

Visual communication details

Interactive content

Making stories understandable, interactive, explaining context through user focused interface and experience.






Color palette

Video online platform

We created the video online platform to present the progress and the results of the project with hand-crafted technologies solutions.

Rich web application

The web application with the "iPhone" flow experience. Can you imagine the video platform contained heavy video files with the great user experience? No waiting. Like on mobile phone app.

Cloud solved

High performance of the platform, smooth transmission of video streams, unlimited scalability has been achieved thanks to cloud micro-services.


The platform developers used such technologies as: Backbone.js, ZF3, Python, AWS EC2, S3, Lambda and CloudFront.

  • 1.05 sec. average time of the website loading in the US
  • 0.11 sec. average page download time
  • 0.03 sec. average page load time in the UK, Swiss, Canada

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