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Don't forget about emotions in legal services


Passenger Rights /


Increase recognizability and distinguish the brand


Take a legal service and add… emotions, which are often avoided on the Polish market.

New look at compensation

Passenger Rights (brand: helps air passengers around the world secure compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. has been working with The Story since its conception. Together with the company’s owners, we created a new service, developed processes of customer care, automatized and enhanced procedures. The company started by launching an MVP, then worked on the service and tested “live.” During its first year, the company made its first million and decided to move on to the next stage – create a recognizable brand on the airline compensation market.

While working on, we knew that the passenger need to receive airline compensation is considerable, but not many people know that they are entitled to it. Together with the competition, Passenger Rights set out to educate passengers and make them aware of their rights, so one of the most important parts of the design was creating a distinct visual and verbal language.

Legal service needs trust, but don’t forget about emotions

Every legal service is based on client’s emotions and fears. Claiming airline compensation is an urgent need, created by a critical situation, while the decision to seek compensation is made under the influence of negative emotions. At the critical moment, emotions run the deepest, and the customer has the most motivation.

That provides us with two opportunities: first of all, to be fully available to the client; second of all, instead of being a standard law firm, we should show empathy to the customer from the get-go and support them all the way until the end.

What does it mean to be there for the client… online? New look at compensation

The logo of is all about waiting and being delayed. It combines the symbol of loading a website, a plane and the face of a clock which strikes midnight or noon. The colors were chosen due to their association with the most recognizable airlines.

From the point of view of passengers, who can receive from 250 to 600 EUR without any prior insurance or agreement, just on the basis of the law, the brand is like Santa Claus, who brings them unexpected gifts and joy.

We kept our feet on the ground and provided:

  • context analysis
  • consumer insights
  • brand positioning
  • visual identity of the brand
  • visual and verbal language of the brand
  • UX/UI and webdesign
  • query forms
  • copywriting
  • graphics for social media
  • graphics for the office

Effects for the client, working on commission only, managed to reclaim over 7,6 mln PLN for its customers, who faced no risk and paid no fees. Currently, it functions all over Poland and thanks to the new brand identity it is planning an expansion to other markets.