Challenge: Designing the company's logo.

Company name and brand sign

Our task was to create a name for a company, which specializes in providing professionals to different branches: construction and industry, logistics and IT. At that moment company was going to operate in many countries, so the name has to be short, allowing to registrate free domain .com as well as local domens.

Finally we came up with the name 'Weegree' as the combination of words 'We Agree', which became a part of brand language.

Client (and his previous logo)

Date of release

08th February 2013


6 months


Concept, name
Dymitr Romanowski

Sławek Barcz

Mikołaj Pilchowski - animation
Marcin Ryk - sound


Corporate identity

The usual way of presenting HR companies involves showing people. We have decided to use this fact in order to distinguish our Client from its competitors. The story of Weegree brand is about cities, in which the recruited people can work. In the identity system the figures of workers are used as inlaid.


We developed brand's imaginary, we prepared the guidelines for the topics and photographs by the brand.




Corporate website templates


We organized the company's history and geography of its actions.


We also designed "Kontakt" subpage.


We designed a chart with the recruitment advertisements.


Animated video

We produced an animated video telling about the brand services in three language versions. We also created a Weegree's character.

Polish version


Dutch version


French version