Made in Warsaw

Challenge: Designing a brand for the social initiative promoting Warsaw as the city of new technology.


The aim of the initiative is to connect new tech companies which are paying their taxes in Warsaw. Companies that join the initiative, inform about it on their web pages using the logo of Made in Warsaw.

Important element of the initiative is the fact that companies are running their businesses in Warsaw. Therefrom the idea to call this initiative 'Made in Warsaw'


The video

We made the video to invite the companies from Warsaw to join the initiative. The idea of the video is based on using amateur photos, on which each participant of the project holds the card with the logo of his company.

Date of release

April 2013


1 week


Concept and idea
Dymitr Romanowski 

Sławek Barcz 

Jarek Szatkiewicz 

Norbert Mikołajczyk - animation
Marcin Ryk - sound, mastering